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Indie, Rock

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jebediah, death cab for cutie

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Nada Surf, Tripping Daisy, Death cab for cutie



For the last decade Super Nudist has been channeling the Gold Coast with late 90’s and early 00’s inspired bands to create catchy melodies and feel-good vibes.

Brendan, founder and songwriter started the project as a side band to his sibling contemporary country band The Bostocks back in 2008. Since then, Super Nudist has played a handful of gigs in Brisbane, as well as the local haunts on his home turf, the Gold Coast.

What you expect to hear in the music is along the lines of classic Australian bands like Custard, or Ben Lee, or Jebediah, with splashes of American influence from Death Cab for Cutie and Tripping Daisy for extra flavour.

Between 2008 – 2011, Super Nudist had released 3 EP’s and 2 albums; the debut EP ‘Departure’ and 2nd album ‘Sunshine Days’ can be found on Spotify. And as 2018 is dawning, there is a new EP in the works and is ready to be unleashed on the desperately awaiting ears of sunny South East Queensland.

Super Nudist has been on a brief hiatus to allow for completion of university degrees, island weddings and Return of Saturn’s. With all of that done, dusted, and left in the past, Super Nudist are ready to rock again.