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Indie, Rock

Sounds like

nada surf, death cab for cutie, the cure

band members

CURRENT LINE UP Brendan - Lead vocals, guitar Ben - Lead guitar, vocals Cam - Bass guitar Dennis - Drums


Nada Surf, Tripping Daisy, Death cab for cutie, Sparklehorse

Unearthed artists we like

David Aurora



Super Nudist is a musical elaboration of the solo workings from the mind of Brendan Bostock. The full band line-up was eventually born from Super Nudist’s debut EP, released in 2007. This EP, a solo effort from Bostock, laid the foundation and blueprint for what would become the complete Super Nudist experience. The limited physical release sold out quickly, leaving only the digital print currently available on Spotify.

Around 2010 to 2011, Super Nudist recorded a range of unreleased EP’s and released a trimmed down version of ‘Stick This In Your iPod and Smoke it’ on digital platforms.
At this point, however, life got in the way as it so often does. Bostock got married, went to university, and whittled the band’s hefty live schedule down to steady acoustic shows.

2018 sees the reformation of a full Super Nudist lineup completed by a couple of new faces, with a stack of new songs. Bostock speaks about the rebirth, “There have been some transitional moments in the last few years, so it was hard to get my songwriting into a place where it once was. I believe the songs are still in touch with the old Super Nudist albeit more mature.”

Super Nudist’s latest single Lord Take Me Home is a melodic groove that echoes the work of bands like Blur and Nada Surf. It’s currently available to stream on Spotify and will be supported by a range of live performances and more new recordings.