Artist info


Metal, Punk, Rock

Sounds like

Defeater, Comeback kid, La Dispute

band members

Chris Dagostino - bass. Clint Virgona- guitar. Iven Manning - guitar. David Hickford- Vocals. Robsy Hatton - Drums


Hard Bass Ukrania, Age Of Empires, The dragon palace


Surrender formed in mid 2008 from a bunch of mates eager to escape the monotony and drudgery that is Perth's southern suburbs. Since there immaculate conception Surrender has gone on to make a ton of new friends, tour both nationally and internationally, support a heap of amazing bands both from Australia and overseas and have a shit load of good times. Now based in Melbourne their debut album 'One Day' pushed the boundaries of the heavy music genre. The next release 'Waste and Wisdom' (dec 1st) will explode on the face of the scene with furious riffs, gentle melodies and no apologies! (sorry if this has offended anyone) X