Artist info



Sounds like

Cog, Karnivool, Tool

band members

Gess Flynn - Vocals Luke Connolly - Guitar, Vocals Shane Dwyer - Drums Navs - Bass


Progressive Rock, Rock


Surrender the Sun is a newly formed alternative rock outfit based in Sydney. Upon hearing their music, the listener almost instinctively diverts their complete attention to what is at hand. With pulsing rhythms, elegant guitars and polished vocals, the air fills with a sound that while new and different, maintains undertones that are pleasantly reminiscent, almost familiar. That’s because there is something familiar about this band. In fact, you could almost say you have seen them before… Almost. 2011 saw the end of Sydney prog rock group Geminine, a band known for pleasing the punters. Simple. Most if not every show left the crowd satisfied and wanting more. Supporting bands such as A Thousand Needles in Red, Electric Horse, Helm, Breaking Orbit and Beggars Orchestra and playing venues including The Annandale Hotel, The Bald Faced stag, The Metro and the former Excelsior Hotel. After releasing their debut EP ‘A Fire on the Ocean Floor’ to great acclaim the band broadened their support base by playing shows in Western Australia and Victoria. Geminine were making waves in Sydney when in October 2010 they took out 3 awards at the Eat Noise Local Music Awards (Best Gig, Best Band and Most Popular Band). Thereafter the momentum slowed, the dynamic changed and the band lost a vital member. Geminine ceased to exist. It was not long however until former members Luke, Navs and Shane began a new project with life long friend Gess Flynn. What Gess brings to the band is not only an astounding vocal capability, but also a passion for her inflective lyrics and a desire to connect with the hearts and minds of others. So keep your ears up and your eyes open, though they will prove difficult to miss. For the Sun casts no shadow, and what will be has already been done, A new life born of the ashes, A new band, Surrender the Sun.