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Sounds like

Joan Baez, Linda Ronstadt

band members

Suzette Herft - vocals, guitar Hugh McDonald - guitar, mandolin, fiddle


Joan Baez, Emmylou Harris, Johnny Cash


Following in the footsteps of Joan Baez, Pete Seeger and others in the folk tradition, is singer-songwriter Suzette Herft, with her heartfelt songs that are passionate about the world she lives in. Born in Sri Lanka, but now living in Melbourne for over 30 years, Suzette writes songs that are drawn from her experiences of being a migrant, psychiatric nurse, mother, wife and community worker. Suzette's songs are full of compassion for our struggles, they celebrate our joys, and they stir our social conscience. Classified as 'contemporary folk', Suzette's songs are influenced by the folk, country and gospel songs she sang from her childhood. She has performed at various music venues, cafés, churches, schools, community organizations, festivals, conferences and forums for Human Rights and Social Justice over the years. Suzette delivers a superbly crafted performance that is guaranteed to involve and move the audience. Suzette's rich, warm vocals, and performance style won her The Troubadour Performance Competition at the 96-97 Woodford Folk Festival (Qld.). She has also been described as "a charismatic singer-songwriter with a heart in tune with her world and a voice to go with it" (The Australian Songwriter). Suzette was also a finalist in the Folk Category (top 5) in the Music Oz Awards for songwriting in 2005. Albums include "Never too Late" and "A Place to call Home". Forthcoming album in 2008, titled "Both Sides Now"



18 Feb 2008


Oh save us pleas...

Oh save us please, just what the world needs another Joan Baez. We all know Bob Dylan but few remember his one time lover. Just to hear her warbling and even bitterness in Martin Scorsese biopic No Way Home is enough to turn to you off this sort of self-indulgent politico claptrap. And if your not convinced to stay away from this sort of music by that, watch Joan Baez slaugter Let It Be on the Isle Of White Festival Video. Stay at home and craddle these tunes with a hotwater bottle the public don't need to hear this. themanwhoateasteroidsforbreakfast

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