Artist info


Hip Hop, Indie

Sounds like

hilltop hoods, Horrorshow, Overproof

band members

Swarmy - Vocals, Fame/Rob Hectik/ASIP - production


Brother Ali, Pharoah Monch, Cee Lo


It was a late september date. 1978. when this earth witnessed the birth of a heavyweight. 10 pound plus - what a boy! non-stop screaming bundle of joy - loving the noise. An umbilical noose nearly took my life quickly. I'm seeing my death before my first step like biggie. 6 months later was a change of scenery, we boarded a plane that was aimed toward P.N.G. and spent time walking and diving in... exploring reefs of wildlife with the whitest skin the kids had ever had an eye-ful... Hypercolour - squeeze me white then i'm pink again - (how delightful!) surrounded by a lifestyle still so tribal, even caught up in riots and sights so frightful but it's a story of survival, and when i turned 10 we floated back to the place of my birth again.. West of bankstown where the heart of my youth is, I went through 4 schools and each lasted 2 years "The new kid" who quickly made new peers a "smart arse" "class clown" yeh both of those shoes fit. On mufti days, the cops would come and crash it and grab all the bomber jackets with the crews on the back of it. My teacher's like "Adam act your age not your shoe size" but I was 13 and my shoe said one five. I lost and won a few blues - never got a knife - but saw one pulled on the principal for stopping a fight! oh what a sight! I'm glad i wasn't THAT stupid, more interested in tagging up bustops with a few kids. When my parents split it only flared my behaviour we'd share a hitflask doing jumpdowns at the avery. Back then my racking adventures were the craziest, in 94 subbing out for panels with JKS, battling TRA!! with styles on display, and still kept most of those friends to this day. It was us against the SRA! and i'm proud to say that i still have most of those friends to this day.. In the start: it was all about cheap shit like Folk art, VHT, rust guard, performers from K-Mart. Way before Euro paint had the craft cornered, i was stuffing my dacks with power plus push forwards. Fuck Amel!! I get love-sick off tuxan camel and scarring steel with the engine enamel!! 15 years down the track - but i'm not old school.. Most this art was fully intact when i found it fool! Now I'm mainly writing lines on soundtracks - hit with fines and reminders.. tryin to bounce back! I'm not preaching, that's just decisions i've made, my word style prooved versatile, switchin a trade. When i got over pissin people off over the internet, I hooked up with Overproof and we soon got into it. Thats the story so far, stay tuned til the end kids! coz this could be the start of a beautiful friendship.