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Sounds like

Scott Walker, David Sylvian

band members

Sweeney (Voice, Piano, Keys); Zoë Barry (Cello, Accordion, Keys); Jed Palmer (Bass, Acoustic Guitars, Production).


Kate Bush, Anohni, Buffy Sainte-Marie



Sweeney’s songs are based around themes of queerness, love lost and love found - traversing tender tales of queer love and sweet melancholia.

Prior to forming this project, Sweeney has performed in Australia and the USA and has collaborated with many pop projects such as Pretty Boy Crossover, Mist & Sea, Sweet William, Other People's Children, Simpático and School of Two.

"Wonderful, melancholic." - Radio X, Frankfurt.
"9 out of 10" - Ex Und Hop, Germany.

“Sweeney dances artfully around that line, coaxing the most exquisite pleasures from the bluest of moods, but never crosses into full-on downer territory. His sadness will be your quiet delight.” - Splendid Zine

“There's no doubting Australian native Jason Sweeney's songwriting abilities… borders on a work of genius.” - Delusions of Adequacy

“My impression is that Sweeney has decided that cult appeal within the indie-pop scene is all well and good, but that he is capable of music that achieves genuine greatness.” - Pennyblack Magazine

Fan comments:

"Your transformation into Scott Walker is going nicely, I see." - Andrew

"Your voice is as beautiful and textured as I've ever heard it. I also hear Sylvian and Mark Hollis in these tracks... a wonderful thing indeed. I will be buying and playing this many many times in the future." - Nicole

"Worth much power to hear." - Michael

"A creative dynamo. Brilliant. Wow your voice is so rich." - Paul



Awesome drone intro.

Awesome drone intro.