Artist info


Indie, Pop, Rock

Sounds like

Galaxie 500, Neil Young, Mazzy Star, Yo La Tengo

band members

Donna Townend on vocals, Dan Brokenborough on bass, Danson Benson on guitars and Daniel Hutt plays the drumkit.


Galaxie 500, Neil Young, Mazzy Star, Yo La Tengo


Sweet Lime are a four piece group coming out of Wollongong NSW. The members of the band have a history playing in various acts from the much loved and much celebrated stoner, punk and metal scenes in their hometown, but Sweet Lime was created in search of something different. Starting off as a "recording only" project, the band soon morphed into a live band playing gigs around Wollongong's music venues, before coming full circle when they ventured to country Victoria to record an album. Recorded by legendary Aussie producer J.Walker (Machine Translations, Paul Kelly, CW Stoneking among others) and mastered by Andy Stewart at The Mill (Gotye, Paul Kelly, The Whitlams and more), Sweet Lime's debut album - Return To Blue - is to be released in early 2015.