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Dance, Electronic, Hip Hop, Indie, Metal, Pop, Punk, Rock, Roots

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paul kelly, the streets, babyshambles, bitter sweet kicks, the specials, the kinks, sage francis, the sex pistols, the saints, the drones, rowland s howard, these immortal souls, the fall, the blue collars, bob dylan, rancid, phat meegz, troubled medium, the felice brothers, Dr. John, the hold steady, john fox, the libertines, lou reed, against me!, everythign i own is broken, point taken, sam cooke, the pogues, oasis, billy chyldish, the rolling stones, the clash, tom waits, john dengate, sage francis, , lost animal, this war, the vaginals, grandstands, the adelaide crows, royal headache

band members

Tom Denton & Owen Bennett


dance romance & try and find OZ, (saidin salkic)

Unearthed artists we like

The Adelaide Crows, troubled medium


download SWEET TEENS - 'this ain't England... & the ominous horror' at: Dear Triplej Unearthed, We have this new record about to release it. Its a wonderful piece of everything. Its vain and complaicent and precocious and lively passionate, almost-witty and earnest and by boy-george's call-boy is it taking itself so seriously its lost irretrievably up its own arsehole. its called terminal grouse and its a swan song for a genital Melbourne, one with lust and blood and we are Sweet teens - the hardest working band around and the only one in this country with a word worth listening... except, of course, in the cowardice light of thrifty cynics. Say, more as if self-respect and love were indeed regarded worthy endevours. Sweet Teens were wondering if hopefully somebody at TripleJ Unearthed were interested in putting songs of grace and splendour on the radio waves out to us in Footscray. The full album is ready besides the Art work is being finished as we speak. Drop me a line and we can give you the full album for download. I hope you're interested in it. Keep Up the Work. All the best. - Tom Denton (


Reviewed by Dave Ruby Howe Dave Ruby Howe

03 Feb 2014

Triple J

THESE guys!

THESE guys!