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Indie, Pop

Sounds like

Dap Kings, Marvin Gaye, The Bamboos

band members

Maddi Anderson, Kelli Blackmore, Claudia Brough, Madonna Camilleri, Rory Crosgrove, Cari Crawford Provan, Chloe Davison, Harper Dawson, Ebony De Lima, Lydia Drayton, Ruby Gillan, Phoebe Hamilton, Emily Harrison, Matilda Hassall, Emma Hobbs, Rachael Hobbs, Chloe Hunter, Alysia Jennings, Martina Kirillidis, Maddie Lamb, Amelia Leichnitz, Jessica Markovski, Carle Myors-Moore, Heidi Peel, Monique Peterson, Georgia Peucker, Ella Pullin, Georgia Rodgers, Camryn Sheehan, Sade Stafford, Kerryn Werner, Rose Wilkens.


Stax artists, Motown Artists, Gil Askey

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Imogen Brough


Sweethearts play soul music and love it. They are the subject of an Emmy nominated TV series, Heart & Soul, winners of the Cherry Bar Best Soul Act award for 2014 and give performances that blow everyone away.

Recognition is worldwide with Europe and the US lauding them. On their US tour the Mayor of Memphis was so impressed by the Sweethearts that he gave them the key to The City. They enraptured the crowd at BB King’s bar. They tore up the stage on their tour. Sweethearts have redefined what is possible, being the only education based band in the world that plays exclusively in professional settings.

With all members being secondary school aged, Sweethearts display pure talent well beyond their years.



Very catchy

Very catchy



12 Oct 2015


Great energy!!

Great energy!!