Artist info


Punk, Roots

Sounds like

redgum, John Willow, Buswhackers on crystal meth.

band members

Mitch - vocals, Jim - fiddle, Pig - bass, Paddy - guitar, Browny - guitar, Ozzy - drums


Johnny Cash, The Pogues, Roaring Jack


Sydney City Trash have been around for 3 years playing everywhere in Australia from Tasmania to Eumundi. There sound is somewhere between Slim Dusty and a Kick in the head. Sydney City Trash play Australian Punk Rock mixed with a little bit of bush country. They have been banned from Tamworth the Country Music Capital for suggesting that maybe Aussie Country needed a kickstart. There first EP Classic Cuntry Hits has sold over a thousand copies and there new album Once Upon A Time In Australia is proving just as strong.