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Electronic, Rock

Sounds like

Damon Albarn, The Flaming Lips, radiohead

band members

Bartek & George: Vox, programming, keys, guitars, drums, bass, Maschines. Nick K: DJ, programming/ Traktor, bass guitar, vibes


Massive Attack, the beatles, The Stone Roses


Syndicat has emerged from the ashes of formerly prominent South Australian rock band, Revolvar. Syndicat blend a mixture of cutting edge technology and analogue instruments along with vocals to create a style that is best described as original, electronic and progressive. After playing hundreds of shows - previously supporting the likes of The Dandy Warhols, You Am I and Swervedriver - as well as featuring regularly on radio stations such as Triple J, the boys took a hiatus and have returned, determined to make a genuine contribution to Australian music.