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Dance, Electronic, Indie, Pop, Rock, Roots

Sounds like

Sylvan Esso, Trentemoller, The Knife, Fever Ray, The Glitch Mob, Portishead

band members

SYREN aka Lulu Madill vocals, programming, production, multi-instrumentalist.


Bijork, Trentemoller, Sylvan Esso, Lykke Li, Fever Ray, Portishead, Massive Attack

Unearthed artists we like

GINGER AND THE GHOST, Alta, Willow Beats, Kloe



Emerging from the depths of creation, the electronica angel SYREN is set to release her debut album ‘Love A 1000 Faces’ featuring the hit single ‘Who Feels the Love’. The hit single’s music video release in May 2017 reached over 100,000 people and continues to grow after being featured in leading dance music publication EDMSAUCE. The album is a follow up to the previous debut EP, ‘A Feather To The Sea’.

SYREN is a singer, electronic producer and a multi-instrumentalist based in Byron Bay. Her sound is a melting pot of earthy, electronic, tribal, trip hop beats. The unique sound is conveyed in her new album, mesmerizing listeners through a journey of the multi-faceted human experience.

SYREN’s 2014 national tour saw the talented musician amass a loyal fan base, playing to packed out shows around Australia and creating special open-air shows on the beach of Australia’s Northern Territory. SYREN’s live shows bring the mystical experience of her music to life with synths, smoky vocals, and a full stage of diverse musicians and dancers.

SYREN’s previous five track debut EP ‘A Feather To The Sea’ mixed by Benjamin Last of Reel Spirit Studios was released in the summer 2014. SYREN has won a number of accolades from award-winning soundtracks to winning international awards for her sound production on documentaries. The album’s popular title track has attracted national attention including winning best popular song at Australia’s 2014 Northern Territory Music Awards for single 'A Feather To The Sea'.

On stage, SYREN rocks out on her live beats, synths and smoky vocals with a diverse array of live musicians, VJ's and to evoke a sensorial techno-mythical journey into another realm.
SYREN’s growing as a soulful songstress and producer with a gift for blending organic and electronic sounds has seen her invited to Australia’s leading music festivals including Rainbow Serpent AUS, Strawberry Fields AUS, Earth Frequency AUS, Eclipse 2012 AUS and Burning Man festival plus loads of others.

SYREN is an activist and advocate for social change, the advancement of the earth and all living beings. “The Revolution is in the Spirit of the Music”


Review by Claire Mooney Claire Mooney

12 Jul 2017

Triple J

A beautiful blend of electronica and Middle Eastern sounds throughout this track.

A beautiful blend of electronica and Middle Eastern sounds throughout this track.