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Indie, Pop, Rock

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tom kris liz matt lachie


Purity Ring, Beach Boys, Japanese Breakfast, War On Drugs


syrup, go on is a dreampop band from the Gold Coast. The band's first studio recordings were undertaken at the beginning of 2017 and released in the form of an EP in 2018 under the title Joyful Hesitation. 2019 saw the band release their first full length album, Last Light, through Valley Heat Records. The 10 track LP reflects the realisation and acceptance of the inevitable departures of life that are experienced in early adulthood.

The release of Last Light was accompanied by an east coast tour and saw the band receive positive reviews and solid airplay both domestically and internationally. A handful of tracks were included in 4ZZZ’s top 20 weekly picks, as well being added to Spotify’s Official global Lofi Indie and Alternative rock playlists.

On the back of this success, the band focused the majority of 2020 aiming to write songs in as simple a way as possible - often with just an acoustic guitar and vocals. A second full length album was written and scrapped before the band found themselves satisfied with the new direction that is presented through Lavender Sky. The song shares the feeling of new-found freedom and rediscovered autonomy.

The simpler approach to presenting a feeling or story has given way to production choices which elevate and highlight the song rather than convolute it. Embracing technology and sounds popular with growing and difficult to ignore genres such as hyperpop, the track implements formant shifted vocals as well as programmed drums to create a fresh space within a crowded dreampop genre.