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Sounds like

Iron Maiden, ac/dc, Queen

band members

Jonathon B - Vocals/guitar. Myles "Flash" Flood - Guitar/Backing Vocals. Dave Walsh - Bass. Tom Brockman - Drums/Backing Vocals


Heavy Metal, Queen, Rock n Roll


Inspired by their strong musical bond, Jonathon Barwick and Tom Brockman created, in 2004, what is now known as TABERAH. The bands sound and live performance is derived from a vast range of influences including the traditional heavy metal stylings of Iron Maiden, the rock n roll attitude of AC/DC and the over the top, tongue in cheek theatrics of Queen, all with a slightly Modern and original twist. Taberah have been a prominent act in the Tasmanian live music scene since 2006 and are now a rapidly emerging talent on the national stage. Recently blitzing a nationwide vote then being hand picked by Lemmy Kilmister himself to open for Motorhead (UK) on the Sydney leg of their 2011 Australian tour. Other milestones include international and national acts such as Paul Di'anno - formerly of Iron Maiden (UK), Blessed by a Broken Heart (USA), LORD (AUS), Psycroptic (AUS), L.U.S.T (AUS) and many more mainland and local legends. To date Taberah have released a demo, Exordium, and a live EP entitled LIVE...ish, both recieving positive reviews and selling out the first runs of each release. 2011 has seen the band working on their debut album with acclaimed Producer Joe Haley of Psycroptic which will chronicle, and be a celebration of, the bands journey to where they are today. Having become a staple act on the Tasmanian metal scene and a rapidly emerging talent on the national stage, Taberah deliver a show that is full of energy, fun, theatrics, unison flexing, sleevless shirts, wandering solos and plenty of crowd interaction. This earnt Taberah the "Metal Artist of the Year" at the 2010 Amplifed Awards.