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Sounds like

Silverchair, Foo Fighters, Queens Of The Stone Age

band members

Graeme Richards (vocals/guitar) David Curnow (lead guitar) Kameron Trinder (drums) Alex Ingman (bass)


karnivool, Crowded House, The Butterfly Effect


Tabula Rasa possess a fresh interpretation of the modern rock sound, and are influenced by well known acts such as The Butterfly Effect, Karnivool, A Perfect Circle, Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age. The band has placed plenty of emphasis on songwriting, personality and stage performance, creating an explosion of varied but unified songs, brimming with beautiful tones, rhythms and melodies.



11 Feb 2012


This song is ful...

This song is full of thick catchy riffs & the quality of the recording is first class. Being from Adelaide, I try and catch these guys regularly as they are super tight & this song live is off the hook. Rock on Rasa- Rock on!!!

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13 Apr 2012


Just an awesome ...

Just an awesome bunch of guys doing what they love, and producing some great music. I love the clean sound with the chunky riffs, and punchy vocals. I cant wait to see what else they have in store for this year. It seems they have worked hard to get a tight sound, and you can tell they have achieved that on this track. Really a pleasure to listen to over and over, and if all of the songs are as good as this one, then 2012 will be a good year for "Tabula Rasa". Rock on!!

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11 Apr 2012


Well the song�...

Well the song's amazing I love it, I'm into grunge rock stuff and being from Adelaide I think job well done guys not just because I actually know Alex (the bassist) but because they really are talented and could reach a younger population once they get better known.

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