Artist info


Hip Hop

Sounds like

The Optimen, Pure Product, Theory Of Face

band members

Enggy, Synergy and Cutting Ajent!


O.C, Mantra, Jurassic 5, J Dilla, Apollo Brown, Oddisee



The debut full-length from Brisbane-based trio Tailor Made is certainly pretty deep. Much like the origin of its namesake, The String Theory - the existential notion that our universe is but one in a chain of many that split apart and combine - presents more a wealth of possibilities rather than any singularly defined outcomes. Pondering and philosophical yet free flowing and chilled, these seventeen tracks are an atypical and diverse fusion of hip hop, with sharp boom-bap beats softened and expanded by thick doses of psychedelia and guitar driven funk.

Tailor Made is manned by Enggy (producer/MC), Synergy (MC), and Cutting Ajent (DJ). Formed in 2008, they’ve since scored support slots for international acts like Dead Prez and Total Eclipse, while having also shared the stage with excellent locals such as The Optimen, Daily Meds, The Coalition Crew, Dub Marine, Pure Product and more. The band’s material has been spread to the nation with support from Triple J’s hip hop show, Triple J Unearthed digital radio and independent Brisbane broadcasters 4ZZZ FM.

From the sinister atmosphere and bottom line reality check of ‘Animals’, to the downtown vibes and urban observations of ‘The Germs’, and the curious tweaking of ‘Walking In My Thoughts’, the record is diverse yet holistic. The sum of these ideas is a conceptualisation that is clever without being condescending, and poignantly introspective yet playful. This is a multiverse of sounds and ideas reverberating far beyond the trio’s suburban perspective, all while never leaving their earth too far behind. The String Theory is being launched on Saturday, June 27th at The Beetle Bar with special guests Lifted Minds, Simply Complex, Upryt, Domes & Cutting Ajent.