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Sounds like

Norah Jones, Clare Bowditch


Laura Marling, Clare Bowditch, Norah Jones, Missy Higgins, Jewel, Colbie Callait, Sarah McLaughlin



Talitha Jae is like a breath of fresh air on a sunny breezy day. She gets her inspiration from a mix of jazz, folk, country, indie, pop, and blues. Her wistful interpretations will take you on a dreamy journey into your past. With a delicious jazz undertone, her voice is often described as an angelic sound that gives you the feels. She's won numerous Country Music competitions and others including being a top 10 national finalist in the Listen Up Music Songwriting Festival. She has recently performed for Music View TV (formerly Balcony TV) and supported Clare Bowditch, and The Wolfe Brothers performances in Cairns and also followed Pierce Brothers at Tanks Up Late. If you're lucky enough to catch this little miss sunshine in one of her dynamic performances, you will surely drift away into the neverlands, bundled up in good feels