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Tanzer is the dark and dazzling solo project for Melbourne-based musician and composer Hayley Foster.
Named for her maternal German family (and not a European dancing career), this commanding chanteuse possesses a voice and enigma that literally silences a room. Blinged-out like a female Frank N' Furter with the haughty glare and big hair of a 60s film siren, Tanzer spins tales of OTT love affairs and fabulous heartbreak to a swelling, thumping soundscape.
Plucked from an isolated town in rural New South Wales and raised in the bustling centre of Rome, Italy, the resulting culture shock set the tone for a truly unique body of musical work. Equal parts dreamy, stark and seductive, Tanzer conjures film soundtracks, new-wave divas and other-worldly exotica – but ultimately lives in a genre all its own.