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Electronic, Pop

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Rob Dickens


Radiohead, Phoenix, Washed Out

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Tim Fitz , Thrupence , Brokers , Fortunes.


After years of different bands, different sounds, and different instruments, Taxidermy Hall has come together as the single musical thought from Rob Dickens, born Devonport, Auckland, now ex-pat living in Melbourne. Taxidermy Hall is the sound of 4am in your headphones; the sound of driving in summer. It's indie, it's pop and it's full of soft synth to sleep or smile or sing to. Debut album 'Swimming in a Snow Globe' is out now! Watch the video for 'Pan' we created with our friends at Triple J Unearthed and NIDA here:


Reviewed by CorynneTait Corynne Tait

25 Sep 2013

Triple J

Delicate synthy ...

Delicate synthy sounds. There's something beautifully melancholy about this. Love those organ chords. I can picture myself on a long drive with this radiating through my speakers.

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Reviewed by Dave Ruby Howe Dave Ruby ...

23 Feb 2012

Triple J

As ever the prod...

As ever the production is lush, serene and just damn perfect. The inclusion of a female vocal is another masterstroke too. This is a warm, synth-y dream of a duet.

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Reviewed by rjmcc rjmcc

22 Dec 2012

Super Reviewer

This song is pur...

This song is pure nostalgia - moody, harking back to decades past, conjuring memories of Summer and sweet daydreams of what's to come. Hushed vocals, euphoric lift-off in the chorus.

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