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Billie Eilish, Dean Lewis, Tash Sultana, Vera Blue, Amy Winehouse, Pink, Rhianna, Lady Gaga



Australian born and Sydney raised, Tayliya is a gifted singer and songwriter with a unique way of expressing feelings that appear far beyond her years.
Tayliya’s natural ability and intonation was the foundation that allowed her to overcome her fear of live performance; something that has become a passion and outlet for expression.
After receiving a guitar for Christmas, Tayliya taught herself how to play and at only 10 years old, performed a live cover of “When I am gone”.
Covering other artists has been quickly replaced by originals as Tayliya’s songwriting and music ability took off. Tayliya’s unique songs are based on her life experiences, love, heartbreak and social issues.
Her influences are Billie Eilish, Dean Lewis, Tash Sultana, Vera Blue with further inspiration from Amy Winehouse, Pink, Rhianna and Lady Gaga.