Artist info


Punk, Rock

Sounds like

Grinspoon, The Wonder Years, Say Anything

band members

Andre Kandarges - Guitar, Nathan McKenna - Vox Rhys Hannaford - Drums


Blink 182, A Day To Remember, Grinspoon

Unearthed artists we like

Swing From a Streetlight


The idea for Taylor Maid was thought up by frontman Nathan McKenna when he told his careers advisor he planned on being a stripper when he grew up...And although he still seems to thoroughly enjoy getting his kit off at every gig he gets, somewhere between 06 and 07 (and even admits to being too drunk to remember), the legacy of Taylor Maid was born. With quite an array of line-up changes over the past 4 years, the sole lyricist and main songwriter McKenna has been on a mission to find buddying musicians that share his passion for music....and nudity. Gracing the stage with lyrics that would make even the likes of Blink 182 cringe, Taylor Maid shock and amuse crowds with their crazy antics and bizzare stage presence. Once quoted as thinking of themselves moreso as 'Entertainers' than 'Musicians', the boys seem to have concocted the perfect mix of the two that seperates them from the rest of the current Sydney music scene...a talent thats been no mean feat but seems to come naturally to the guys. Although Taylor Maid is also a full band project, its debatable which project gets the best feedback at shows, be it the acoustic duo that keeps the audience in fits of laughter or the full band sound with more of a focus on the actual music! Either way, Taylor Maid are a sure fire crowd pleaser and with plans for an East Coast Tour and upcoming EP, we can only keep our fingers crossed that the boys continue to come up with lines like 'Lets let latex be the only thing that stands between our love'.