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Indie, Roots

Sounds like

Gillian Welch, Neko Case, wilco, handsome family

band members

Sarah Taylor - acoustic guitar, lead vocals, hammond, Liz Taylor - mandolin, fiddle, piano, backing vocals, Andrew Bonnici - lap steel, electric guitar, banjo, vocals, Scott Boydle - drums, percussion, Jason Emilianowicz - bass


Gillian Welch, Calexico, neil young, Handsome family


Taylor Project are a Melbourne alt country band. Their sounds range across country and folk, Nashville-esque ballads, comical acoustic numbers, and experimental mashups. The lyrics are distinctive: at times informative, other times evocative of times and places Geography is often a central character. Taylor Project are twin sisters Sarah (lead vocals, guitar) and Liz (mandolin, violin, piano) Taylor; Andrew Bonnici (formerly of Khancoban – electric guitar, lap steel, synths); drummer Scott Boydle; and bass player Jason Emilionowicz.


Review by Dave Ruby Howe Dave Ruby Howe

17 Feb 2016

Triple J

Well I think this is pretty damn sweet and charming.

Well I think this is pretty damn sweet and charming.