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Sounds like

Pan Sonic, Faust, Throbbing Gristle

band members

Steve Carter - electronics, instruments, percussion, composition. Antoinette Rydyr - voice, electronics, percussion.


Retro electronics, Free improvisation, Minimalism



TeknoSadisT (TST) is the experimental electronics project of Steve Carter and Antoinette Rydyr, also known as the creative team SCAR, who also have a substantial history in Australian horror, SF, weird fantasy art and comics. TST does not do song-based pop or rock. We seldom use melody and prefer the use of varying audio tones and textures to sculpt different moods. The music is primarily concerned with minimalist rhythms, loops, atmospherics and audio abstractions that incorporate fragments of improvisation, voice and other sounds. We refer to this music as abstract psyhchedelia and progtronics – like progressive rock, several different sections segue into one another, forming extended electronic suites. Separate pieces, or “songs” can also be programmed into a different or random order so that they play as a single but ever varying longer piece. Every TST album consists of several tracks with individual titles. They can either stand alone as single tracks or become part of an extended whole. TST have had no formal music training. When creating music we work with sound in the same way a surrealist or abstract artist works with colour, shape and form. We do not do live performances and prefer a studio environment. TST have created 16 albums since 2002. Evolution and History: TST is an extension and refinement of an earlier project called FistFunk Futurists (FFF), which created free form psychedelic rock music by merging audio montages with extended improvisations and analogue electronics. The music was further altered and refined by using early digital technology. This music was referred to as bastardised musak. Before TST and FFF, Steve played with free improvisation bands Burnt Lungcancer(1978-1988) and the Decay Men (1981-1985). At that time members of these bands were listening to Henry Cow, Captain Beefheart, Chrome, James Chance and the Contortions, Mars, Derek Bailey, Lol Coxhill, etc. From these reference points, Burnt Lungcancer went way out on a tangent of their own, also incorporating primitive electronics and a punk rock attitude. They also considered the fact that two members of the four-piece band could not play music at all an asset. During one live performance at a small but prestigious venue in Sydney, Burnt Lungcancer played to an audience of around 100 listeners. This was in the early 1980s. After ten minutes of obtuse and deliberately discordant freeform heavy metal all but around fifteen enthusiastic individuals had left in disgust. Such was the polarizing affect of Burnt Lungcancer. Steve also played in a punk band called Epileptic Generation and created free form and electronic music with his project Laura on Mars throughout the early 1980s. SCAR continues to produce bizarre and offbeat art and writing and have won awards, most recently for their feature film screenplays at the A Night of Horror International Film Festival. Check out more of their work at their website. Our albums are available on Bandcamp: