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Sounds like

Korn, system of a down, SlipKnot

band members

Vin - Vocals, James & Sheldon - Guitars, Bill - Drums, Jarrad - Bassist



Unearthed artists we like

Serial Killer Smile , Chaos Divine


VISIT US ON FACEBOOK *** Tempest Rising hope to create a unique and individual sound in the ever-expanding world of Metal. With influences from Metalcore, Nu Metal and Thrash Metal. This rag-tag band of misfits has its hopes set high as they plunge head first into the fray. Born in 2012 of the creative mind of James, Tempest Rising has been performing live in Western Australia for almost 10 months and is creating some waves in this plentiful sea of local metal talent. In 2014 look out for Tempest Rising FULL STUDIO ALBUM but for now, sate your lust with their EP release "Calm Before The Storm". It has been less than 1 year and Tempest Rising have toured to Adelaide, with Melbourne booked as well as their first International tour to Japan booked too! The Tempest... is Rising, consider this your storm warning. \m/


Joan Fredr...

03 Jul 2013


magnificent song...

magnificent song!


V Michaels

02 Jul 2013


impressive and s...

impressive and surprising to see a Perth metal band doing something other than generic metalcore. well done!

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dirty djrowdy

28 Jun 2013


one of my favour...

one of my favourite metal songs in the top 10 on triple J metal charts this week!

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