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Rock, Roots

Sounds like

BRMC, Spiritualized, The Black Angels, Psychedelic Rock and Roll

band members

Alex Palmer - Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica. Owen Hughes - Synth, Organ, Piano, Vocals. Sam Hall - Guitar. Nick Masman - Bass Dashel Parera - Drums


The Blues, The Rolling Stones, All bands that keep the flame alive


Ten Cent Pistols are a Bluesy Psychedelic Rock and Roll band from Melbourne, Australia, formed in 2008 by twin brothers Alex Palmer and Owen Hughes. Ten Cent Pistols morphed from a two piece blues project into a four piece band in 2010 and a five piece band in 2012. They released their first EP in April 2010 and while being dominantly a blues record it also showed off a more gritty, electric side. They released 'Ten Cent Pistols EP' to glowing reviews in June 2011 and have since honed their craft on a wide variety of stages both big and small. 2012 saw the twins knuckle down and record the ‘Vultures EP’ while they waited for their beloved guitarist Sam Hall to get back from a year in Berlin. The EP was released to a near sold out Cherry Bar on March 30 2012 on 12” vinyl. 2013 saw Ten Cent Pistols go into the studio with Julian Mendelson (has previously worked with Paul Mcartney and Jimmy Page to name a few) to record ‘Lightwalkers’ to analogue tape. The record was then mixed (with some additional engineering) by Tom Iansek (Big Scary) at Mixed Buisness studio. ‘Lightwalkers’ see the band taking their sound to new sonic territories, with luscious psychedelic soundscapes, fuzzy guitars and menacing keyboards. It blends classic rock and roll with elements of 60’s and 70’s psychedelia to create something both old and new, and firmly rooted in the blues. It will be launched at Cherry Bar on April 19….

"Out of Melbourne blasts the Ten Cent Pistols with a style of blues-rock that will win you over within an instant.Their self-titled is sensational, so much in fact that I just had to listen to over and over… there was just so much to like. ‘Come Along With Me’ showcases the stunning vocals of lead singer, Alex Palmer. It has a great rock sound with just a tinge of piano… and to be blunt is one of the best damn tracks you are likely to hear this year. The brash sounding ‘So Many Lies’ is a breath of fresh air while the brilliant sound and great melody of ‘Let Me Out’ is a reminder of Oasis back in their glory days. But it is the faster paced ‘Lay My Head’ which shows that Ten Cent Pistols really do have what it takes to make it in this music game. The EP closes with the slower and gruffer ‘Inner City Blues (Makes Me Wanna Be). This is a terrific EP that promises that big things are to come from Ten Cent Pistols. 4 stars" - Dave Griffiths, Buzz Magazine

"Ten Cent Pistols have a sound that makes you wanna grow your hair long, get ripped and do the helicopter. Stand out track 'So Many Lies' has shades of Led Zeppelin's 'Whole Lotta Love' in the guitar phrasing and the axe solo is sprawling and mesmeric. There's something tortured about Alex Palmers Vocals that evoke Richard Ashcroft, especially when the group takes it down a notch for closer 'Inner City Blues (makes me wanna be)'." - Inpress Magazine

"Melbourne four-piece Ten Cent Pistols are definitely worth more than their name suggests. Despite only running for just over 20 minutes, this EP will take you back well over 20 years with a very distinct 70's vibe. Ten Cent Pistols' EP is chock full of crunchy guitars, lengthy instrumental passages and reverb sprinkled on just about everything you can hear. This blend of classic blues rock with tinges of psychedlia and even a splash of early shoe-gaze will instantly prompt a feeling of nostalgia for a certain something or a certain sometime, even if your not sure what it is. Regardless of whether or not you see hazy smoke and flowers when you listen to this EP, listeners should definitely take the time to experience it more than once and just let the music do the talking." - Steve Rae, Rave Magazine