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Hip Hop

band members

Swanny-MC, Kinetic-MC/Producer and Aztek-DJ/Producer


Atmosphere, Pegz, Hilltop

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Emerging from Frankston, Victoria, hiphop crew Tenfold have been paying close attention to detail while perfecting their art. Since forming in early 2008, they've played an abundance of shows earning them the respect from crowds with a stage show that rivals the best in the game. Tenfold consists of catchy melodic hooks, infectious rhymes and diverse instumentals. With emcee's swanny and K1 holding down the vocal component, dj Aztek ties it all together on the turntables. They thrive on writing, producing and performing their music and are currently recording their debut Lp. Equipped with natural talent and ruthless work ethic, these boys plan to smash their way into the scene in style very soon. Over the years they have performed with acts such as:Bliss & Eso, Muph & Plutonic, Bias b, Macromantics, Mind over matter, Phrase,76(uk), Reason, Briggs, M-Phazes, Nine High(uk), 360, Diafrix, Esvee, Illy, Raph, Dragonfly & Julez, and many more. So if you have an appreciation for quality music, be sure to expand your Hiphop taste buds with TENFOLD!