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Rock, Indie

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Anthony Casey/Vocals Brian Rimmer/Lead Guitar-Voacl Peter Coon/Rythym Guitar tba/Drums jules/Bass

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The Rye Catchers, Amanda Bloom,


Tenpenny Joke are a five-piece hard rock band formed in Melbourne, Australia in 1997 that continue the art of great songwriting and stellar live shows, appearing at many of Australia and New Zealand's premier live band venues. Building a huge following after years of touring, writing, recording and independent releases, the band have seen their local and worldwide profile increase exponentially. Their debut album 'Ambush On All Sides' has just been released to great acclaim. Topping the charts of countless internet radio polls & music sites, Tenpenny Joke's music has been aired in Australia on radio stations Syn. PBS and Triple R and worldwide on various internet and college radio stations, including airtime in the USA, England, Japan and New Zealand. Tenpenny Joke have built a powerful internet presence with their own website (, an ever-increasing myspace ( and many sites such as Garageband, Broadjam, IAC, Gigatracks and Born now playing their music. Their music videos 'She', 'Even Harbour' and 'Sense' have frequently been included in the lineup of 'Rage', ABC TV's long-running National Music program and have also been released on Australian surfing magazine DVDs such as 'Australian Surfing Life' and 'I Surf'. The band has made numerous radio and TV appearances, appearing on SBS's music show 'Noise TV' and Channel 31's 'On The Couch' for interviews and live performances. Tenpenny Joke have also performed live-to-air on radio stations Triple R and ABC amongst many other community radio appearances. In March 2006 Tenpenny Joke travelled overseas for a three week tour of New Zealand to strengthen their international fanbase and promote their debut album. Sponsored by Jagermeister, the response was overwhelming. With interviews and radio appearances to promote the album and shows, the tour was a huge success. Tenpenny Joke have completed multiple tours of Australia promoting their debut album 'Ambush On All Sides', performing shows throughout Queensland, Sydney & NSW, Victoria, Adelaide and Mt. Hotham to name a few. The band also frequently tour regional areas, covering many of Australia's major country centres. Recently Tenpenny Joke performed in Mildura to launch the first issue of Forty 2, the new Mildura youth/arts magazine featuring Tenpenny Joke on the front cover. After signing with Sing Sing Productions in 2004, Tenpenny Joke locked themselves away in one of Australia's most pre-eminent recording complexes, Sing Sing Recording Studios, Melbourne. There they stayed until mid-2005, emerging after having managed to successfully track, nurture, mix and master their first full-length album, 'Ambush On All Sides'. Boasting 15 diverse tracks, the album is unrefutable proof that modern rock music is far from dead, Tenpenny Joke are breathing new life into it. Fiercely original while recalling elements of Zeppelin, Floyd, Beatles, Sabbath & various rock greats, it offers something for everyone with its musical mix of light and shade. Bursting at the seams with killer hooks, anthemic choruses and roaring guitars, the album is already making waves backed up by two singles, 'She' and 'Sirens'. 'Ambush On All Sides' is available now through Sing Sing Productions and Shock Records. www.tenpennyjokecom