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Electronic, Indie, Pop, Punk, Rock, Roots

Sounds like

Black Keys, Dresden Dolls, PJ Harvey, Deap Vally, White Stripes,

band members

Tasha Zappala - Guitar, Keys, Vocals, Misc Bryan Beattie - Drums, Percussion, Lap Slide Guitar, Backing Vocals, Misc


Black Keys, Dresden Dolls, PJ Harvey, Deap Vally, Tom Waits, Mogwai, Gorgol Bordello, Mojo Juju, The Knife, Portishead,

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Tasha Zappala



Hold your breath. Front woman Tasha Zappala spins her burning hair beneath a moaning sea while the sky looks on through the glass above. The drums of Bryan Beattie thunder in a dizzying combination that will have you floating. Swimming within a pond of deep sounds, tidal lyrics and fiery skies, the curious sound of Terrapin is a band that is quickly moving to new heights.

Terrapin is the sound of tides turning. The members include Multi-instrumentalist and founder of Jive Mother Records, Bryan Beattie, and the ever-travelling singer-songwriter, Tasha Zappala; a vibrant and original artist, who is the front woman in the band. After returning from touring across South America for the second time, Tasha joined with the talents of her half-brother Bryan Beattie to transform her previously solo works into a storm of musical force. The lush song craft and lyrical intricacy have not changed, but the tides in which the songs were formed are now deeper.

“We’re children of the sea and have no soul, as men do” – Hans Christian Anderson, 1836