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Indie, Metal, Punk, Rock

Sounds like

Powerman 5000, Orgy, Presidents of the United States, Ball Park Music, Supergrass, Tom Waits, Jerry Reed, Primus, Social Distortion, Hank Williams III, X, The Shins, John Butler Trio, Daikaiju

band members

Vocals / Keys: Steve Dillon Guitar / Vocals: Adrian Tolman Guitar: Ry Shearn Bass: Jarrad Waters Drums / Xylophone: Jaxon McCarthy


Powerman 5000, Presidents of the United States, Lonely Island, Tenacious D, Man or Astroman, Daikaiju, Doctor Steel, VAST, Primus, Nine Inch Nails, Foo Fighters, The Shins, Faith No More, Supergrass, The Smiths, Oasis, White Zombie / Rob Zombie


The Terror Adaptors are a time-traveling group of adventurers who started off life as an Industrial Hard-Rock/Synth group in 2007.

Since then, the band has evolved into a podcast, a web-series through a collection of written scripts, and a shorts based TV series that was shortlisted to SBS.

Cut to 2015 and original members Steve Dillon & Adrian Tolman reformed initially as an acoustic duo, with the intent of playing more live music than in the previous incarnation.

After a handful of gigs, to great interest from the general public, they realised they were re-playing their old songs, but with more feeling and quirkiness than before. They re-branded themselves once again as The Terror Adaptors and began to look for new members to help them.

Soon they started smashing out a unique live-set of humorously-intended, sometimes sadly-reminiscent songs of many different genres, over a dizzying array of topics.

After a busy year of breaking into the scene - achieving several semi-finals and finals of various competitions, then finally winning the Nelson's Open Mic Competition; they plunged into recording an EP at The Zombie Bunker - an indie studio owned by one of the members.

In July 2018, they released "Home in Time for Tea..." their debut four-track EP, which has been largely released on all major streaming platforms (as well as a few key songs here on Unearthed!).

They hope to return to the stage later this year with some new songs for everyone to enjoy.