Artist info


Indie, Rock

Sounds like

Ben Folds, Ball Park Music, They Might Be Giants, The Presidents Of The United States Of America, Grinspoon

band members

James Burnell - Percussion Sarah Bellamy - Bass, Flute, Vocals Fin Taylor - Vocals, Guitar, Keys, Horns, Banjo, Accordion, etc


They Might Be Giants, Grinspoon, Blink-182, The Presidents Of The United States Of America


Tesla Coil is a Brisbane-based three-piece alternative rock band. Not alternative in the way the loud-mouth behind you in high school with bleached hair was alternative, but in the way that you put a banjo and a flute into a rock group and call it edgy.

Forming in 2013 (depending on who you ask), Fin, Sarah, and James have travelled all around the Brisbane music scene making audiences raise eyebrows at their unorthodox instrumentation, bizzare song themes, and the fact that their name kind of sounds like "testicle" when you say it through a poor quality microphone.

With comparisons to Arcade Fire, Ben Folds Five, and Grinspoon all being drawn by guys who've come up to them after shows, Tesla Coil tries to reflect all the stylistic concepts you could want, and quite a few that you really don't.

The release of their debut EP, "A Thing That Sits There" on August 2nd 2014, gained Tesla Coil recognition in the Brisbane music scene as "the morons that showed up to a punk festival with a banjo", and they continue to fill venues with their annoyingly infectious pop-rock.