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Electronic, Indie, Pop, Rock, Roots

Sounds like

Tessa Devine, Florence + The Machine, Tracey Chapman, Lorde, I'm Just Spit Ballin

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Tessa Devine AKA Tessy DEEEEEEEE


Dermot Kennedy, BonIver




" ...enchanting, warm, loving, hilarious and broken."

Often Compared to the likes of Florence + The Machine and Tracy Chapman to name a couple Tessa's Vocal Range is Impressive. With 34,000 Streams on Spotify so far her career is gaining traction.

After inheriting her father's beat-up 50-year-old guitar, Tessa taught herself some riff's and entertained her friends by clowning around with impromptu lyrics. A year later she was writing songs and had a residency three times a week in a a restaurant performing to diverse crowds. It was from these humble beginnings that Tessa was selected to perform at The Tablelands Folk Festival, a milestone event that began stirring the vortex of her whirlwind career.

Five years on and Tessa has travelled the globe with her album 'Pieces' and a couple of EPs, performing at Floating Castle in Slovenia and numerous shows throughout the UK and the States. Tessa is now back on home soil with a cache of unreleased music incorporating intricate guitar loops with beats, keys, harmonica and her emotionally driven vocals. Since her return she has been selected to support such artists as: Tones and I (AUS), John Butler (AUS) Smash Mouth (USA), Diesel (AUS), Wallis Bird (IRE), Daniel Champagne (AUS) and Ash Grunwald (AUS).

Tessa sings from her soul, weaving stories of heartbreak and hope. Her lyrics strike a chord that is so fundamentally human and accessible, that they take the listener on a journey to empowerment through love and loss.
Still a clown at heart, Tessa incorporates humour into all her shows reminding us to smile and to not take life too seriously. On stage she is strong but humble, wise and vulnerable. Come and share an unforgettable experience.

“She has such a voice – her range from deep, love-drenched lows to summery, thrilling highs and every bit in between was so captivating, at one stage I think I forgot there were others present and briefly let myself fall in love.” Riot Act Music Review.

“Tessa's set was immediately mesmerising and unexpected. Looped guitar knitted with sublime soprano harmonies, Tessa's range is impressive, and the intricacy of her songs magical. It is rare to hear such a perfectly balanced soprano with such guitar skills, and we were lucky enough to take in this flawless performance. Keep an eye on this one - she's something else!” Newtown Art Blog Spot


Review by Abby Butler Abby Butler

10 Dec 2020

Triple J

as a Florence Welch stan, I can really hear how she's influenced your vocal style. stellar songwriting here too, Tessa!

as a Florence Welch stan, I can really hear how she's influenced your vocal style. stellar songwriting here too, Tessa!