Artist info


Electronic, Hip Hop

Sounds like

Avalanches , Hermitude, Scott Storch

band members

Daniel Waltlinger - Violin, Daniel Pliner - Keys & Melodica, Morphingaz - Beats & Turntables, Asparagus Mlynsky - Vinyl.


John Zorn, Mel Brooks, Q-bert


The jewish culture is as much steeped in its dark and beautiful history as it is in stereotypes such as Jewish guilt and kosher brisket. Sydney-based quartet, The Asthmatix respond to this with an irreverent, off-the-wall-anything-goes brand of hip hop that is equal measures Marx Brothers and Scott Storch, Monty Python and John Zorn. the Asthmatix is comprised of two diagnosed ventolin-puffers and two members who have used asthma as an excuse on more than one occasion to get out of sports class. Band members include Morphingaz on beats and cuts, Daniel Weltlinger on violin, Dan Pliner on keys and melodica and Asparagus Mlynsky on decks. The Asthmatix have been blending the art of klezmer, hip hop, middle eastern melodies and traditional turntablism since 2007. Their live performance sees the four-piece cleverly combine Jewish humour with traditional Jewish melody, soaring violins and old school hip hop beats. taking their 21st century diasporic hip hop to the stage with violin, keyboard and turntables; they have played across Sydney including festivals such as Shir Madness and Playground Weekender. Whilst New York-based hassidic homeboy, Matisyahu may be helpful as a reference point for the falafel-munching foursome, The Asthmatix are more likely to be compared to the likes of Sydney instrumental hip hop pioneers, Hermitude than their fellow jewish counterpart. 'Go Team Go' is a collective of original music with vocal samples taken from motivational speakers in the '60s, children's storybooks and rare spoken word vinyl's from around the globe. Mixed at Tardis Studios (Gaslamp Killer, Mulatu, Astronomy Class) and with artwork by David Brook, who paints live during the bands live performances, the EP is the product of a creative collective of Sydney's finest. Their debut single, Latke was released in December 2010 to coincide with the festival of lights, Hannukah. Exactly one year later, just in time for the very same festival, The Asthmatix release their highly anticipated debut EP, 'Go Team Go'