Artist info


Pop, Rock

Sounds like

The Strange Boys, Natural Child, The Beets, Dead Ghosts

band members

Dylan, Jase, Goldy, Jake



Perth's Thee Gold Blooms are back with a new single - "Nothin' Surprises Me". A paranoid love song about staying up all night worried about your sweetheart. It sees the band further refine their tight songwriting chops into another concise, hook driven garage rock track.

It's our first taste of their upcoming second album due out 2018 and their first release since their 2015 self titled debut album.

"Thee Gold Blooms make you wanna wrap your arm around your buddy’s shoulder, clasp your beer in the other, and belt out their lively, garage-born melodies with all your best mates."
- Happy Mag

"Perth surf-rockers Thee Gold Blooms have finally coalesced into this jangly recording like the bastard child of Ramones and The Beach Boys."

"If boundless enthusiasm was an integral ingredient for chart success then Thee Gold Blooms would be mounting that top 5 thoroughbred pony with whip in one hand and a beer soaked clenched fist raised to the sky!"
- GoveFM