Artist info


Punk, Rock

Sounds like

beasts of bourbon, Coloured Balls, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Blues Explosion, Howlin Wolf

band members

Luke Dux - Throat/Guitar Ryan Dux - Bass/Vocal Ashley Doodkorte - Drum Kit/Vocals


Captain Beefheart, muddy waters, R.L. Burnside, Gun Club



I’ve been subjected to loud before. Blatant loud. Disrespectful loud. Downright stupid loud. But when you come across a band that has a deep understanding of what the subtleties of loudness (and less loudness) can evoke, both emotionally and physically, then you’re probably watching a band that care deeply about their music and the listener alike.
Having filled in on drums for WAM’s (West Australian Music Industry Award) best blues band of 2014, The Floors, for a number of years now, I can say that from the frontline trenches, these three guys create a diverse range of what one may consider loud.
It’s the kind of playing that has deservedly snagged Luke Dux 4 WAM Guitarist Of The Year awards. Luke's guitar sorcery has turned the heads of people like Kim Salmon, The Buzzcocks, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, King Khan & BBQ Show, all sharing the stage with these three crazed West Australians. A background of feverish touring under the radar of the mainstream eye for the past decade will iron out the impurities of any outfit.
Rhythm. The heartbeat of a human. Backbone of just about any creative output underlying the words “rock”, or “blues”, or “music”. Claustrophobic hairball metallic assault, perhaps this is how I would convey my life threatening infatuation with drummer Ash Doodkorte When pummelled together with younger Dux brother Ryan’s (WAM best bass player award, 2009, 10, 14) deepest subterranean bass playing that may well go past the depths of human hearing, you might just have the most inspiringly powerful rhythm section this sleepy lil’ death toll town of Perth, Western Australia has to offer.
All these traits I’ve spoken of can be heard on various releases - 2011’s Live at the Bird, debut album Deadbeat from 2012, their Bones 7” release from 2013, and their upcoming second album, coming out in 2016. But this is a band that is experienced best in the person. In the fleshy confines of your body in a dimly lit pub standing on sticky carpet being assaulted by the sonic annihilation that is The Floors. Dexterity and showmanship can be important in certain fields, and these guys have it in armfuls. But that’s not what makes this band unique. Fuck dexterity. Personally, the reason why The Floors are a band that you should get the fuck off your couch and go see live, rain hail or shine, is to see 3 people locked in so tightly, ancillary disciples so willingly giving themselves to the omniscience of song and the power of sound, while at the fringes of consciousness you catch brief glimpses of something that is so unhinged that everything might come crashing down in a cannoning thunder. Sometimes you hope it might. That’s how much this band gets you in the guts. Right up in your fucking guts.

By Todd Pickett (Sometime drummer for the floors)