Artist info


Metal, Electronic

Sounds like

Friday - Rebecca Black, Linkin Park, Faith No More

band members

Luke Buckle - Vocals, Adam Smith - Drums, Kiff Kelly - Synth, Bradley Robinson - Bass Former members: Sean O'Grady - Guitar


At The Drive-In, MM9, Nine Inch Nails


thekillbotfactory are charging relentlessly forward as a four-piece, heading into pre-production stages of the follow-up release to their debut, Fight-The-Machine . Having played on line-ups featuring, Crazy-Town (US), Many-Machines-on-9, Over-Reactor, and Laura, and prominent local Adelaide shows and festivals, featuring local juggernauts Octanic, Infiltraitor, Arcadia and many, many other awesome local acts, thekillbotfactory are heading for new horizons as they look to release their follow-up to Fight-The-Machine in the summer of 2012/13. To listen to or download a copy of their Fight-The-Machine head to,