Artist info


Punk, Rock, Roots

Sounds like

Sublime, No Trigger

band members

Joel Woolerson - Guitar, Vocals; Lindsay Spencer - Bass; Walt Johnston - Drums


Sublime, Rancid, No Trigger, The Lawrence Arms



Just like their name suggests, Them Sharks have more bite than what you might see from the surface.

The dub-punk trio from Australia’s West Coast play the kind of synaesthesia-inducing fusion of reggae, roots and rock that makes you feel the warmth of the sun on your back and taste the salt of the sea on your tongue.

But just as you’re floating away on their tropical vibes – CRUNCH – the power chords kick in and you’re being tossed around in the swirling depths of a punk rock mosh pit.

It’s a sound the three-piece, made up of vocalist/guitarist Joel Woolerson, Lindsay Spencer on bass, and drummer Walt ‘Salty’ Johnston, have coined impressively quickly after playing for just a handful of years together. But it’s also a sound deep rooted by a collective friendship of more than a decade that was founded over a shared love for the likes of chill rock kings Sublime, Long Beach Dub All Stars and Slightly Stoopid, alongside gritty punk legends Rancid and No Trigger.

It’s exactly that unique terminally chill combination that has unlocked them a killer reputation as one of Perth’s pre-eminent party starters, having opened for the likes of Guttermouth, The Members and The Bennies, as well as playing regular headline shows to their own devoted local fan base.

They’ve capitalised on that live energy over the years by bottling it and pressing it to wax on releases including their debut demo (2013), their first album The Beasts Of Bulwer St (2014) and the invigoratingly upbeat single ‘Tsoukalos’ which was released in late 2015 and proved a watershed moment for the group as their first track to score national airplay when it was spun on triple j’s punk music program Short.Fast.Loud.

The band is now poised to release the next major statement of their career with the new album RETURN TO THE LOWER FOURTH DIMENSION on December 18. Including lead single ‘Tsoukalas’, the album is destined to keep their momentum pulsating forward - never to sit still in the water.

It’s time to start paying attention to Them Sharks now, before they sneak up on you and it’s too late to escape.