Artist info


Roots, Pop

Sounds like

Carus and the True Believers, Rob Sawyer

band members

Ben Lynch - Guitars, Casey Hartnett - Vocals/Guitars, Monty Hartnett - Drums/Percussion, Tom Plant - Bass and Double Bass


country, Reggae


When listening to their debut EP and chatting to lead guitarist Ben, it becomes clear that thePeriscopes are not your average band. It’s not because they have recorded, mixed, mastered and produced their own CD, nor the way the four piece can play over twelve different instruments. It’s not even the fact that they managed to sell out their first independent gig. It’s because they have done this and more, despite all being under the age of seventeen. Rejecting the punk genre, favored by the majority of most high school bands, the boys have developed a rich, rootsy sound, more akin to bands like the John Butler Trio and The Beautiful Girls, which has enabled them to stand out from bands over twice their age. With professional mindsets and deft instrumentalism not seen in your average teenagers, it is certain that thePeriscopes have a significant future before them. There new EP "These Dreams" is out now through Treehouse Records.