Artist info


Indie, Roots

Sounds like

Mumford and Sons, Of Monsters and Men, The National

band members

Steven Jarman - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Ben Lanham - Electric Guitars, Justin Ryan - Drums, Vocals, Fern Thompsett - Violin, Vocals, David Little - Bass.


Bright Eyes, Tom Waits, radiohead


The planets aligned, Aztec medicine men murmured and pointed, and collective fates itching for new collaboration collided. Thus, to the ancient soundscape was born ‘These Dirty Bones’. Bringing their unique brand of dirty folk tinged with punk and a sniff of the desert breeze, These Dirty Bones are sometimes political, often poetic, and always deeply heartfelt. Fast developing a reputation for their mastery of instruments and deft combination different styles, TDB skips between wild gypsy-latino melodies, reflective alt-country ballads and bright harmonies, often within the same song. It’s a wild sound that gets audiences swaying, jiving and thirsting for more. Arriba! These Dirty Bones’ six members bring together accumulated decades of musical experience, whether thrashing around on the vibrant punk scene of Brisvegas or in rigorous classical training. Included in the mix is accordion, violin, saw, guitars, bass and drums, with a combination of vocals sweet, dry and drought. It makes for a band full of character, a full stage and a high energy show.