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Punk, Rock

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THE THIEVES, social distortion, Dropkick Murphys

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"Playing the Big Day Out Hot Produce stage in 2010 gave us a taste of what playing festivals is all about Please sir, may I have some more! Rate and review our songs "THE THIEVES are SPENCER on vox,banjo and mandolin ,BEN on lead vox and guitars, KAT on guitar, HOFFMAN on drums, BELANIE on BASS and SAMMY on mandolin. Australian Celtic Punk Rockers


Punk, Rock, celtic

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The THIEVES Having origionally formed January '09 by Ben and Spencer and playin too 2 sold out nights at the Govenor Hindmarsh Hotel 1 month later .During the next hectic 9 months of performing and touring The ep` DRINK UP YER POISON BOYS was written and recorded with the band becoming hungrier and hungrier for success .Somehow during this first year of Celtic mayhem and destruction The Thieves had got themselves picked to play The` BIG DAY OUT` a feat unheard of a band less than 12 months old to play BDO and so it was .The performance was a complete blast and honour to do but wait . The momentum still travels forward in leaps and bounds with this charismatic 6 piece acoustic outfit.Collectively having shared the stage with such legends as SHAM 69(UK), THE BUSINESS(UK), TOM GABEL(AGAINST ME) , CHUCK RAGAN (HOTWATER MUSIC),28 DAYS ,THE HOT LIES to name a few .There current ep`Drink up yer poison boys` in its second pressing and shows amass of Thieves t shirts the cult following of punk and folk kids alike is amazing to say the least .The band enters the studio in March 2011`for its second offering due for release this year .