Artist info


Rock, Roots

Sounds like

wilco, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Conor Oberst & The Mystic Valley Band

band members

Alastair Matcott, Dan McDonald, Jayden Kenny, Alistair O'Brien, James Pasinis, Sam Batty, Aidan McDonald, Luke Diffey


Goon, Port Fairy Folk Festival, Degs


The oft-noted difficulty in defining the music of The Thod in genre terms is likely a consequence of the construction of the band itself: The group has variously been labeled a rock and roll band (InPress 2010), a community of practice (McDonald 2010), a group of boys committed to the future of the Eltham RSL (Diamond Valley Leader 2008) a cult (Tonedeaf 2010) and an affinity group within a wider participatory culture (Jenkins 2006). Importantly, however, the validity of such labels has recently fallen into doubt. In fact, it could be said that the bulk of recent post structuralist research is more concerned with content than categorisation (Bourdieu 1988). Within the music industry, such claims have been echoed by prominent theorists including Tweedy (2004) and probably Lennon (1970-1980). In brief, it can be said that the reactions to The Thod are positive in both online and offline modes. Online, the band holds a strong internet presence (,, Equally, on gig nights, revenue generated both ‘at the door’ and ‘in piss sales’ is typically high (Royal Derby staff, 2009 – 2010). It should be noted that The Thod is not without criticism. Perhaps the most salient point of discussion concerning the band concerns its member count of eight: Wankers in Polo Shirts (2009) have contended that The Thod ‘got too many guitars’, and Ex-roadie Matt Antonello noted ’squishiness’ in the van during the band’s Sydney gigs in early 2010. It should be noted, however, that more recent debate has argued such claims as erroneous; Fat Kid on Pills at Ding Dong bought two CDs and explained that ‘youse [The Thod] are sick’ (The Thod 2010). Furthermore, analysis of the band’s promotional CD, Album Precis, leads to a conclusion that the multitude of guitars provide a dynamic sound and an important element in the uniqueness of the band. Researchers are invited to attend The Thod’s upcoming launch of their aptly titled EP 'Album Précis' at Cherry Bar on November 12. The Kremlin Succession and YIS will also be attending. Analysis of prior gigs suggests that it’ll be a pretty sweet party.