Artist info


Metal, Rock

Sounds like

Beartooth, Sworn In, Like Moths To Flames, The Plot In You

band members

Steven Forbes - Vocals Beau Cluff - guitar Keir Arney - Bass Sam Oldfield - Drums



High energy, fast paced, heavy weight.
Thrown To The Lions (TTTL) was formed in March 2015 by four Busselton lads, each sharing a passion for the adrenaline of the mosh pit, the way in which music invokes emotion & motion, and the brotherly bond that seems to unite fans of the hardcore scene.
With their values set, they knuckled down to create their own unique sound. Merging the best parts of their favourite genres, they crafted six HUGE tracks for their first EP "FILTH", designed to incite the need to mosh, whilst containing meaningful messages aimed at issues experienced by young adults of today's society.
TTTL are high energy, they're tracks carry huge momentum. You can expect upbeat thrash sections, spine crushing "down-tempo-esque" breakdowns and (the TTTL specialty) ruthless SLAMS that will have the whole crowd bouncing and throwing elbows.

Thrown To The Lions is:

Steven Forbes as Vocalist and band clown
Beau Cluff as Guitarist and band child
Keir Arney as the world's okayest Bassist
and Sam Oldfield as Drummer and protein addict