Artist info


Punk, Rock

Sounds like

system of a down, Queens Of The Stone Age, At The Drive In

band members

Leon Blythe - Vocals, Oliver Blythe - Guitar, Edward Nicholson - Bass, Cameron Johns - Drums, Paul Mills- Guitar


At The Drive In, Tool, Frank Zappa

Unearthed artists we like

The Mercy Beat, SLOW RIOTS, Jamhog, SubStation


Thunder God of the Multiverse was born into the world early in 2009 when singer songwriter Leon Blythe bought forth a number of original tracks to brother Oliver Blythe and long term friend and jam buddy Braydon Lees. Soon enough the trio had recorded a 6 track demo in the jam room of a dingy rainforest surrounded party house that they had lived and jammed in for a number of years. The response to the demo by friends warranted this project to become a little more serious. Thunder God of the Multiverse began gigging at local venues and parties in Lismore and it's surrounding area and quickly became a band of interest for many local enthusiasts. In late 2009 TGMV won first place at a local battle of the bands and were given the opportunity to record at a local Studio(Old Dog studios) with engineer Al Pegg. After a good bit of pre production TGMV settled on 11 tracks out 21 they had originally demoed and began the grueling process of tracking and layering, this was a fun and expressive time for Blythe brothers Leon and Oliver who chose not to hold back on FX and multiple guitar tracks, it was obvious that the band needed to rethink their live performance. Around this time Braydon Lees left the band and was replaced with Guy Osbourne, Leon stepped away from the guitar to focus solely on vocals, Oliver Blythe moved from drums to guitar and Cameron Johns was recruited for drums, the new TGMV was tighter then ever before. It was not until late 2011 that the bands first release ''Alternative names for Thunder God of the Multiverse and/or Super self titled" was finished mastered and printed. By this time the band had a decent following in the local scene and wasted no time getting the album out there, meeting many like minded young artists along the way including Jamhog, Substation, Raygun Mortlock, Slow Riots,The Snatchetts and Chicks with Guns. These bands together went on to bring a fresh vibe to a local scene that seemed to have it's best years behind it. TGMV continued to write throughout the years of 2011 and 2012 and mid 2012 began recording their second release at Old dog studios. This time around the punk outfit were a little more experienced and organized with their ideas thus allowing the band to have the recording complete in 9 months. TGMV's second release ''Peaks of Blissful Nonsense'' is a concept album which consists of six tracks which are seamlessly joined together with narration tracks to make one continual piece of audio. The narrations describe the mental state of the character in the songs as he spirals through his drug induced psychosis and eventual schizophrenia, it's a journey of intense emotion, confusion,frustration and raw expression. This E.P boasts a heavier style than "Alt names'' and is filled with well thought out instrumentation and sporadic yet cohesive song writing. Early this year TGMV had another line up change with the departure of Guy Osbourne who was replace with Edward Nicholson and also the addition of 'Jamhog' front man Paul Mills on guitar, the addition of a second guitar has greatly expanded the bands sound and has allowed them to pull off lots of the intricate guitar expressed on their recordings. TGMV released ''Peaks of Blissful Nonsense'' at Lismore's most prestigious venue the ''Star Court Theatre'' April this year to an audience of eager fans.TGMV stepped it up for this gig spending big on the production, the end result a huge show that exceeded there own expectations, proving to themselves and others they have the right music,ideas and motivation to take their progressive punk music to a larger audience in Australia. 2013 is proving to be an exciting year for TGMV who are currently continuing to write their best music yet and are gigging like mad moving their focus to Brisbane, Newcastle and Sydney. TGMV believe they have a long musical journey ahead of them and have a goal that is very close to their hearts CULT STATUS. Check out a vid from their recent album release by following the link