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Rock, Indie

Sounds like

karnivool, Birds of Tokyo, The Butterfly Effect

band members

Jake Hoskins - Lead Vocals, Glen Hagger - Guitars, Ryan Ammon - Percussion, Phil Watts - Keyboard & Guitars, Ben Mathews - Bass.


muse, karnivool, Birds of Tokyo


"Enter Thursdays Page. The five-piece flicked the volume switch north and charged into a thrilling set. It was an intense brand of rock ala Muse and System of a Down, but they never got carried away. The singer hit the wavering Bellamy falsetto without much effort as the lead guitarist executed creative swings in rhythm and style that kept the audience engaged." – Brayden Edwards (Drum Media) Thursday’s Page throw out a broad range of alternative rock shaped from the influence of many different genres that have littered the musical landscape throughout the years. The band originally formed in the South West region of Western Australia and has been building a solid following in Perth since 2008 headlining shows at some of Perth’s biggest venues, playing on the festival circuit and supporting The Butterfly Effect. Members include Jake Hoskins on lead vocals, Glen Hagger on guitars, Phil Watts on keys, Ben Mathews on Bass and Ryan Ammon on Drums. Having released their debut EP 'Beyond Paradise' in 2009, Thursday’s Page recently launched their sophomore EP ‘In The City Tonight’ to a full house at Amplifier Bar in Perth and will tour the South West in June to promote the release. Following this, Thursday’s Page will be filming their debut video clip for the track ‘Mystic Road’, the new single from the latest EP. “By the time Thursdays Page hit the stage, it was clear who the audience was there to see. The Rocket Room was almost at full capacity and no one was left disappointed. As soon as the band started, vocalist Jake Hoskins showed his talent with an archipela opening before the band launched into their first song. Hoskins’ falsetto is amazing, and used at exactly the right times.” FasterLouder (Beyond Paradise EP Launch review) “The band was good at controlling the mood of the crowd. In fact, at one point they had people climbing the walls... literally.” FasterLouder (Beyond Paradise EP Launch Review) “This EP proves that Thursday’s Page are a force to be reckoned with. They boast strong songs and an enthralling live show. Two thumbs up!” Chris Martin - SPACESHIP NEWS (‘Beyond Paradise’ Review) FOR BOOKINGS AND ENQUIRIES: Ben - 0417 365 866 | Ryan - 0433 225 114



31 Jul 2009


Hey dudes nice track you got here!!! gives me an old Fuel vibe but in a good way!!!

Hey dudes nice track you got here!!! gives me an old Fuel vibe but in a good way!!!



19 Aug 2010


Great song.

Great song.