Artist info


Indie, Rock

Sounds like

Mumford and Sons, Katie Noonan, The gossip

band members

Tiffany Cornell - lead singer, rhythm guitar. James Robson - Drums, Backing Vox Ricki-lee Harrison - Backing Vox Simon Harrison - Lead Guitar Russell Parlett - Bass, Backing Vo


The Bee Gees , Eva Cassidy, The beatles


Tiffany and the Curls have just released their debut self-titled album to an overwhelmingly supportive Northern Territory audience. With Sydney dates already under negotiation, this band is embarking on a national tour to share their musical inspiration with the rest of the country. The album is an arresting journey of Tiffany’s life experience to date brought to fruition via collaborative efforts between singer/songwriter and musicians. Tiffany and the Curls are a vocal ensemble within a band. Their creative brilliance culminates in vaguely folkish acousta-rock, a deeply engaging visceral experience. This five-piece band/figurative family of talented musicians actively pursue new expression and capture audiences with their honesty.