Artist info


Electronic, Indie, Pop, Rock

Sounds like

Jamiroquai, Bowie, Prince, INXS

band members

Andy J. Timechyld


Prince, Jamiroquai, Chili Peppers, James Brown, Funkadelic



Timechyld is an artist from Melbourne whose lifelong romance with riff-driven rock, 70s funk and soul, and the catchy hooks of 80s & 90s synth-pop, has forged an exciting new eclectic musical milkshake. His high energy music can best be described as funky synth-pop / electro-rock, and contains the sonic elements of Prince, Jamiroquai, Bowie and INXS, just to name a few, with its heart in the 80s but its feet in the contemporary.

Timechyld trudged through painful romances, struggled with life direction, wrestled with the notion of his own mortality and started feeling the walls of time closing in. But he chose to grab the bull by the horns, turn his life around and use his pain as fodder for his songs, which delve into themes of existentialism, purpose, love, and taking leaps of faith.

Timechyld has just released his debut single, 'Love Bank' for which there is a music video. More music to be released shortly.