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Roots, Pop

Sounds like

bill callahan, bon iver, the drones

band members

Tobias Hengeveld - Vocals, Guitar


bert jansch, leonard cohen , richard buckner


Tobias' songs weave a mist of isolation, drunken-delusion, yearning and ill-intent. Hengeveld unravels vignettes of other lives lived; calling through time to capture the mysteries of the everyday. This raw folk-narrative echoes the disarming intimacy of Richard Buckner, in concert with an edgy and cyclical acoustic guitar-style reminiscent of Bert Jansch. Sweet, melancholy and occasionally menacing melodies working deeper beneath your skin with each visit. Tobias Hengeveld’s understated and idiosyncratic approach to music and the song-form has resulted in a work of striking originality. Songwriter for Scout Hall and The Night Bell, Tobias Hengeveld has been lurking quietly amidst the Melbourne music scene for much of the past decade, performing both nationally and internationally. The release of All The Lines Are Down sees Hengeveld stepping from the shadow of these projects with a debut release of his own. Written during a period of turbulence and travel, All The Lines Are Down evolved through an extended studio collaboration with bourgeoning producer Andrew Bencina and a blessing of ‘Top-shelf’ Melbourne musicians. All the Lines are Down sirens Tobias Hengeveld’s coming-of-age as a songwriter; amidst a ground-swell of new Australian artists, once again focused on localized experiences and identity. A haunting dream illuminated by the history, mystery, wonder and woe of this place and it’s people.