Artist info


Hip Hop, Indie

Sounds like

Dr Octo, El-P, MC Totally Rad, 4 Owls, ODB, Leafdog, Wu Tang, La Coca Nostra

band members

John Toddy Howard, w beats by Leafdog, Naive, ZedKatsu + more


Mr Bungle, Louis Armstrong, Massive Attack, dillinger escape plan, Meshuggah, Sikth, Chester P, El-P, Demigodz


Spawning from the primordial soup leaking from the seedy underbelly of the ACT, Toddla (AKA the hairbrain) is here. He dropped his debut LP "Defcon Foreplay" this June and it’s far from your average rap release. Featuring production from some of hip hop's heavyweights including Leafdog (UK), Naive (UK) and Zed Katsu, with a wealth of local talent featuring on verses, be sure to catch one of his blistering live sets as soon as you get the chance.... Recently, after nigh on a decade of spittin raps and making tunes I decided it was time to get serious and focus on a proper release. I have gathered up many of my ideas over this time and have refined them all into what is now "Defcon Foreplay". Through the help of some generous friends I have accumulated a gnarly little studio of equipment and awesome mics and have been hectically teaching myself the recording and mixing process. A couple of the new tunes are here, so feel free to have a squizz and get a small taste of the mayhem. The entire album can be found @ Rappers and producers interested in collabs just hit me up, I'm a busy boy but I'm always keen to jam and make tunes. For those interested in checking out any of my other work see Inside the Exterior, Neanderthug, Corgi Crisis, though I must warn you it aint anything like what's on this page. pssst It's loud and distorted... But it may give you an idea of the musical background I come from.