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Queen, Dr. Seuss

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Studio - Michael A. Mills - Everything Live - Michael A. Mills (Guitar & Vox), Lachlan Barclay (Guitar & B.Vox), Amy Campbell (Bass & B.Vox), Ricky Evensand (Drums)


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After the release of their Queen/Panic at the Disco inspired self-titled EP in 2008, singer/songwriter Michael Mills bypassed the "difficult second album syndrome" by instead releasing 12 albums in 12 months. The "12in12" project was an unprecedented move that saw Toehider explore a vast array of musical styles and genres. Working with Brisbane illustrator Andrew Saltmarsh, each album came out on the 12th of every month, complete with original cover artwork and a 2 page comic. With bandmates Lachlan Barclay (guitar) and Amy Campbell (bass), the band enlisted the services of ex-Soilwork/Chimaira drummer Ricky Evensand and played on the Brisbane leg of the Australian "Progfest" festival. The band then took their ferocious (and humorous) stage show to Sydney, Brisbane, and Adelaide. In October 2009, Toehider released the spoof-metal track "...But Mostly Metal" to highlight the awesomeness and sillyness of the metal genre, and to date has received over 35,000 hits on YouTube. The 12in12 project was completed in April 2010, and after an 18 month pause, the follow up project and debut album "To Hide Her" was released. Again touring the east coast as support for prog icons Unitopia and the Progfest event, the band saw their release attract a cult following overseas. The next single 'Smash It Out' cemented Toehider's place as a unique oddball in the rock/prog/metal world, with a killer live set. 2013 has seen singer Mike Mills travel to Europe on the invitation of legendary Arjen Lucassen for his new Ayreon album. The band have played shows opening for Twelve Foot Ninja, The Beards and sleepmakeswaves and toured with US operatic-rock heroes The Protomen in July before performing at Progfest 2013 in Melbourne. In October, they toured with Canadian prog rock icon DEVIN TOWNSEND in Brisbane & Sydney, launching their newest off-the-wall single 'Whatever Makes You Feel Superior." “Yes! The best Monday song ever!” – Zan Rowe (triple j) “I don’t throw it about willy-nilly. Their stuff is BOSS” – Andrew Günsberg (Channel V Host) ‎"I’m going to say straight up that I don’t ever remember, ever, being this intrigues, entertained and worryingly obsessed with a band’s lyrics before" – Mitch Booth (Metal Obsession) "Pop Punk meets Motorhead with soaring Bruce Dickinson Vocals" – Tom Hersey (Rave Magazine) "…it was classic prog with a modern edge and fittingly, the band with serious chops did not take themselves too seriously" – Krystal Brinkley (Music Feeds) Head to or to hear more tunes!


Reviewed by Richard Kingsmill Richard Kingsmill

08 Oct 2013

Triple J

You better have some fireballs and smoke bombs at your gigs.

You better have some fireballs and smoke bombs at your gigs.