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Tokyo Twilight

band members

Jack Giess


Bonobo, James Blake, EDEN, Bearcubs, Jamie xx, Japanese Wallpaper

Unearthed artists we like

Golden Vessel, Akurei, Mosaic, commacomma, MTNS, Hot Coffee, Marco


Tokyo Twilight is the musical project of Brisbane based 17 year old Jack Giess. Influences from the likes of Bonobo, James Blake, EDEN, Bearcubs and Jon Hopkins, Tokyo Twilight is an intriguing combination of Ambient electronic with tasteful hints of pop, alternative and even orchestral influences.

At only 17 years of age, Tokyo Twilight has been dominating the scene having played shows at the likes of Bigsound, Jungle Love, and Bloom Festival, along with recognition by Triple J unearthed and artists such as JOY, MTNS and Golden Vessel. Tokyo Twilight is on his way to creating a well crafted and respected name not only in Brisbane, but the Australian music scene.

"Tokyo Twilight was created by the experience of a gentle silence gliding over the restlessly busy city of Tokyo in an airplane. I thought the name fit well with the ambient mood of the music I was making, it has a peaceful ring with a feeling of an eerie facade to a much more busy world. Like a way of escaping."