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Dance, Indie, Pop, Rock, Roots

Sounds like

Neil Young, Paul Kelly, Bob Dylan & Rolling Stones

band members

Bill Tolson - Vocals Guitar, Rusty teluk - Guitar, Matthew Keene - Bass, Bill (Ringo Derham) Drums


Neil Young, Paul Kelly, Bob Dylan & Rolling Stones



It’s all Normal. - Wipe your brain before entering.

It’s All Normal ’ presents a chipper blend of interlaced guitars, deft keyboards, propulsive bass and crisp drumming which - Nah! F%@#! that noise! A pungent and danceable story about how weird it’s all been steadily getting.

“Again Tolson consistently exceeds expectations no one else has yet set.” -Official fake contemporary music review site.

Tolson: More an iso state of mind than a band.
TOLSON – Earthy & Authentic, the passion of Neil Young, the rock of the Rolling Stones, the story telling of Paul Kelly and the stream of consciousness of Dylan.
Band – Bill Tolson/Rusty Teluk/ Matthew Keene/ Bill (Ringo) Derham.
Guest artists on this release. Andrew Duffield, keyboards and production. Bill Miller guitar. Adam Learner Bass.
Watch the video here.
Many stories to tell for media enquiries please contact Bill Tolson 0412 547 989 or email